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ShoulderSphere F2

ShoulderSphere F2

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Most suitable for those individuals who want to maintain a healthy and strong shoulder for recreational sports and daily activities. Particularly beneficial for those competitive athletes under age 14 to enhance their performance and prevention of shoulder injury. The F2 model is also a perfect adjunct for use under the guidance of a physical therapist in aiding shoulder recovery from injury or surgery.


  • Size of sphere : 4 inch diameter
  • Length of splint attachment with two elastic soft Velcro straps in blue : 7 inches
  • Weight of blue rubber coated rotating ball : 2 ounces
  • Personalized Electronic Tracker 
  • 4 AAAA batteries included

The Personalized Electronic Tracker tracks in real-time with continuous feedback of the power output by the shoulder during use.  For example, while moving the arm as if throwing a ball, but while keeping the Tracker light in Red, corresponds to the power behind the throw of a tennis ball 60 mph from tennis court baseline to the tennis net.  Keeping it in Green corresponds to the power behind a 40 mph tennis ball throw from baseline to the net.  Train for shoulder stamina and control by maintaining in the Green for 3 reps of 90 second workouts every other day!  Train in the Red for power.


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