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ShoulderSphere A7

ShoulderSphere A7

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A perfect training companion for high level competitive athletes! Static training with the Personalized Electronic Tracker in the Green Zone builds endurance. Sports specific simulation dynamic workouts keeping the Electronic Tracker in Red for power training. 80 simulation moves in Red, 3 reps, every other day, for a period of 2 months to reap the benefits of amplified performance in any sport!

  • Size of Sphere : 6 inch diameter 
  • Size of splint attachment with two elastic soft Velcro straps in purple : 7 inches
  • Weight of purple rubber coated rotating ball : 7 ounces 
  • Personalized Electronic Tracker
  • 4 AAAA batteries included

The Personalized Electronic Tracker tracks in real time for an immediate feedback of the power output by the shoulder during use.  For example, one complete simulation throw with the arm moving while rotating the ball and keeping the Tracker in the Red light corresponds to the power behind a 90 mph pitch of the baseball from the pitcher's mound to home plate or that of a 25 mph punch by a heavyweight boxer.  This Personalized Electronic Tracker is perfect for those advanced athletes who enjoy real-time continuous feedback of power performance for training with high intensity.  When the Tracker light is in Green, it corresponds to the power behind a 60 mph pitch. Build endurance with Green light with static workouts - 3 reps of 90 second workouts for maintenance of shoulder strength and endurance. Train in Red for power.
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